While we’re away…

Totem is en route to Vanuatu right now. Depending on the wind, we’re expecting a transit of three to four days. For the curious, we post our location from sea once or twice a day via Winlink and YOTREPs. They’re both linked at the top right of our blog, just below the subscription box.

I think I’m more excited about Vanuatu than any of the countries we’ve visited so far. I’m trying not to think about it too much, as it always seems best to arrive without expectations of what exactly you’ll see and experience… know enough to be prepared, but let a place unfold for you.
Meanwhile, here’s a little kiss goodbye from Fiji:
A beautiful view from Totem, as we wove our way through island passes…
Stunning Yasawa views

…and a snapshot of me in my happy place, hanging out with a beautiful kid.

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