We’re on the Today Show!

Not the show, but the affiliated website- either way- it's *very* exciting for us!

Our family was recently included in a story by Laura Coffey as part of a series on homeschooling and traveling on TodayShow.com – "A moveable feast: For some, the world is a classroom."

For newcomers to our site via MSNBC, welcome! We've been traveling since we sailed south out of Puget Sound in August 2008. It's been a wonderful path for our family, and anyone can do it. If you've had the dream percolating, feel free to email me questions or post them in comments. It sometimes takes a while to reply, as we don't have routine internet access.

My good friend Laureen hooked us up with Laura while we were cruising in French Polynesia (check out her blogs- linked on the blogroll at right: The Excellent Adventure, and Elemental Mom). After putting up with a challenging Skype connection of big audio delays, Laura captured the essence of so much of why we love this cruising life. It's pure joy to see your children learn and grow from the changing environment around us!

For regular readers, who are curious, here's a link to the story:


It's been up a little over a week, although I've procrastinated posting thinking we might get decent internet access. That doesn't seem to be happening, so thanks for bearing with me.

Posted via radio: we have no internet access

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