Storian blong wanfala kenu Totem

Long long taem bifo i bin gat wanfala kenu Totem long smolfala aelan blong Bainbridge.
Ol wan toktok blong Totem i gat wan gudfala plan. Hem wanem go long solwata lukluk aelan blong Pacific, longwei long not blong Bainbridge.
Be wind i kam bigwan, solwara i rafraf.
Afta wan dei, ol man blong Totem hem lukluk aelan blong Pacific gat long sanbis.
Oli stat blong singsing mo lafet plante lang fulap dei.
Ol fren, ol man hem blong wanfala kenu Totem pleiplei yet tedei!
The legend of the boat Totem

A long time ago, there was a boat called Totem on Bainbridge Island.

The family of Totem had a plan. They wanted to go across the ocean to the Pacific islands, far away from Bainbridge.

The wind blew, and the waves were high.

Then one day, they found the beaches of the Pacific islands.

They sang and they laughed for many days.

My dear friends, they are still playing there today!

Niall dives without thinking about it now
playing in the shallows