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Unexpected delights in Vanuatu

It's often best to arrive in a new place without too many expectations, so you are open to letting the experience of it flow. We often have the luxury of time. Not feeling rushed through a place helps us be open to opportunities for new experiences or learning as well- we aren't bent on trying […]

In other news…

Our son Niall is ending a dry spell on his blog with a post today- you can read about his first impressions of Vanuatu at ————————————————Posted via radio: we have no internet access

We’re on the Today Show!

Not the show, but the affiliated website- either way- it's *very* exciting for us! Our family was recently included in a story by Laura Coffey as part of a series on homeschooling and traveling on – "A moveable feast: For some, the world is a classroom." For newcomers to our site via MSNBC, welcome! […]


While we’re away…

Totem is en route to Vanuatu right now. Depending on the wind, we’re expecting a transit of three to four days. For the curious, we post our location from sea once or twice a day via Winlink and YOTREPs. They’re both linked at the top right of our blog, just below the subscription box. I […]


Gorgeous hike

Anchored at Waya island with IO, we also were able to catch up with our friends on Syzygy, and planned a little adventure. We’d been eying the mountains around the bay since we arrived. Even cruising down the west side of the island before turning into the south bay, Niall and I sat on deck […]

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