Hunga island, Tonga

Another beautiful memory of our time in Tonga. From the inner bay at Hunga island, crassly referred to as “Anchorage #13”, we were visited once again by an outrigger to our anchorage spot. An invitation to come ashore, visit, trade for vegetables was too good to resist.
Our first stop upon reaching the village was to visit a community building. A dozen or more women were lined up weaving a large mat: twenty of these mats, each one 20′ by 40′, had been ordered by an American customer. It will keep them working for two full years to complete the order… I hope we can do something similar, someday.
Women weaving a mat
The mats, seen all over Tonga, are woven from the leaves of the Pandanus tree. Elsewhere in the village, bundles of leaves dried on lines and on the ground. Peek closely, there’s a woman preparing dried leaves in the background.
Pandanus leaves for weaving
No visit is complete without visiting the school! To get on school grounds, we had to cross a fence. The village is full of these, to keep the pigs where they belong… most gates are simply lower pieces of corrugated metal, like this one.
Climbing the pig fence
I was fascinated by this big slit drum. It would be great to hear how it sounds…
large slit drum
These kids look shy, but were total hams. They loved seeing themselves in the playback on our digital camera.
Sweet kids on Hunga

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  1. Behan, I just read Gloria’s (Paikea Mist’s) last entry on friendships and instantly thought of you. The joy of making connections, standing by one another, sharing in the delights of discovery and just being. If you have a chance, read her beautiful entry on sailblogs… thinking of you today as the wind changes and brings with it the first autumn chill…

  2. Behan,
    Great to see all your blog entries about Tonga. We’re in Western Samoa and am so sorry that we’re going to miss you. Would love any recommendations re Tonga.
    Thanks and perhaps see you in Oz or maybe New Zealand


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