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Cruisers pass referrals around on the “coconut telegraph” about ports of call- helping those to come after us, returning the favor of benefiting from those who went ahead.

When we arrived in Tonga, I touched based with Philip & Leslie on s/v Carina; we have traded email with on and off (they’re from the same home waters). What I didn’t realize was that they’d spent the last hurrican season in Tonga- they forwarded to us a long email of favorite spots and recommendations.
This was by far my favorite referral in Tonga.
meeting Tema
Tema sells her produce in the market- some of which is grown from Seeds of Change seeds that Carina gave her. When I mentioned Philip and Leslie, she literally threw her arms around me and laughed. Who could resist? Even after I had paid for a bundle of veggies and said goodbye, she proceeded to stuff my bags with additional basil, bananas, whatever she thought I would want. I went to say goodbye yesterday, and give her photograph copies- her graciousness bowled me over.
I hope we find more Temas in our next ports, and I hope to pass the referral to this beautiful woman on to other cruisers!

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