Waiting out weather on Moorea

Thanks to the weather, we spent quite a few more days longer on Moorea than we had planned. We were initially disappointed- our Visa for French Polynesia expires in just a few weeks, so our remaining days here are rapidly dwindling. We had hoped to spend less time in Moorea so that we could allocate more days in the less touristed, less populated, more traditional island of Huahine before moving on to Bora Bora for Bastille Day among other festivities.
Of course, being flexible with our schedule- especially when the weather dictates a change in plans- is just part of cruising. The added time on Moorea just meant more great memories.
We were able to hang out a few more days with our friends on Capaz. After talking about cruising with the Bakers for the better part of the prior two decades, we were able to live our dream together the last 8 months as they joined us in Mexico and across the Pacific. They’re heading back to Puget sound soon, by way of Hawaii, and we’re really going to miss them! We love playing cards together, and spent some fun evenings getting in a few more rounds.

cards again!

We had already been to the magnificent lookout point at Belvedere (huzzah to the kids, for a 6 mile hike with minimal complaint!)…

Belvedere lookout

…and found the friendly stingrays on the north side of the island, and had a one-in-a-million first hand wildlife encounter. I think one full body hug by a stingray is enough for me, though.

they're like PUPPIES! who knew?!

But without the extra few days, we would have missed the magic of snorkeling among ancient tikis. Rumor holds that these awesome tikis were secretly moved into the shallow depths of the lagoon when their ceremonial site became the location for a missionary church in 1822. Hidden in plain sight near the reef, they would not be destroyed. Or… they were put there by a hotel for tourists. Believe what you want, they are really cool.In only about 10′ of water, they are an awe inspiring snorkel.

Underwater tikis

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