A few other boats we know about…

After posting their last entry, I started thinking about the other people we knew selling boats, and realized there are actually a few people!

Our friends, the Boren family, got a classic case of four-foot-itis (except their new boat is a TAD BIT MORE than four more feet!) are selling their trusty Pearson 365, Third Day. It's in Mexico, they've been cruising on it for a couple of years already. We all tend to malign the "PO" (Prior Owner.. cough cough) but these are exactly the kind of people you *want* to buy a boat from. Rich…I didn't see a listing on your blog, got a link for me?

Another boating family on the hunt for a bigger boat listed their Ingrid 38. If you had five kids to sleep aboard, you would too! Their vessel is up in Oregon, and Tim has all the details on his blog. This is a great bluewater boat, even before the awesome modifications Tim made for his family. Check it out!

I leave this one at the end because at the moment, it's off the market, but aren't boats always for sale? (Toast don't hate me for this!) Our friends the Congers cruised Don Quixote in Mexico for the better part of two years. They've since taken work in in New Zealand, and the boat is back in La Paz. Bug Toast at her blog if you're looking for a Lagoon 38.

Hopefully I haven't missed anyone! If I did, add yourself in the comments. OH, and somehow I neglected to mention it, but Escapade (below) is a Rawson 30.

It's impossible to have words to describe how wonderful it is to go cruising as a family… maybe one of these boats can share the joy with some prospective cruisers. Get out of the armchair, and get out here- it's amazing!


2 Responses to A few other boats we know about…

  1. Rich July 10, 2010 at 6:47 am #

    You can check out our Pearson 365 Ketch for sale at:

  2. Toast July 12, 2010 at 3:50 am #

    No worries, Behan. She’s not really off the market, I just don’t expect her to sell before we go back to her and sail her across the Pacific. If folks want to learn about Don Quixote in particular or Lagoon 380 catamarns in general: http://svdonquixote.org/Don_Quixote/Home.html

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