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Images from the Tuamotus

Totem has made landfall in Tahiti. While we process on being here (Tahiti! Center of many tropical dreams, here we are: in the very same bay where Bligh grew breadfruit saplings to take to the West Indies, and Cook came to watch the transit of Venus across the sun) …we have found the best wifi […]

Questions about the passage- part II

As noted in the prior post, we received a number of questions about our passage and are aggregating them for responses on the blog. Several questions were specifically related to cruising with children, and are combining them here. If you have differences or something to add, post a comment! How did the children do on […]

Questions about the passage – part I

We covered a variety of aspects of the passage on our blog as we crossed from Mexico to the Marquesas. Wondering what we might have missed, we put out a call for other questions. Questions came along a few similar themes, which I’ve blended below with our responses. This is the first of two posts […]

How many colors of blue can there be?

We're pushing the answer to that question this week. We left the anchorage near the village in Makemo and beat for the southeast corner; a big SE breeze picked up and the fetch down the long atoll created wind waves that made the anchorage very uncomfortable. This also gave us our first very challenging lesson […]

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