We’re in the Tuamotus!

Totem is now in Makemo, in the Tuamotus. Yesterday's snorkeling adventure was nothing short of epic.. better clarity and more fish than we could ever have imagined. Listening to the girls squealing through their snorkels wasn't something we'll soon forget!

Our radio is still not working (%&*$#@) and our internet access is limited, so the blog is going a little hungry lately. For the folks at home- we're in company with Capaz, and they're updating our position on YOTREPS. We've bought some wifi time with the post office in Makemo and are getting synced up today/tomorrow before heading towards… Tahanea? Fakarava? Not sure yet!

Meanwhile, more pictures from the Marquesas are on Flickr… check 'em out! http://www.flickr.com/photos/giffordclan