Jamie swims with the fishes
This past week, we’ve shared an anchorage with manta rays. These gentle giants have wingspans averaging around seven feet. Filter feeders without teeth, they swoop in graceful arcs, hoovering up the rich micro/macroscopic marine life that fills the water right now. We’ve been out to swim with them on a number of days. I cannot describe the feeling adequately, but it is magical to be in their presence! I feel immense gratitude and am almost frozen, hanging in the water and watching them; so thankful they welcome us in their space.
Niall caught a brief ride holding the wing of one ray… this picture of Jamie best helps put their size into perspective.

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  1. simply amazing photo of Nial and the manta!!!!!
    We are having a big party at our house this Saturday for Ty to show off all his photos of the trip with you and tell sea stories. It’s also close to his birthday.
    Tell the girls, thank you so much for the cards they made for me. I miss them. Hugz to all

  2. Nita, that’s actually Jamie in the picture- which gives this manta about a 10′ wingspan. He was about 20′ underwater at the time.

    It was just incredible… I dove down a few times (the rays came to the surface, too) but mostly just hung at the surface feeling overwhelming gratitude to be welcomed into the sea by these awesome animals.

  3. Oh my word. What an incredible experience. Is there any danger to swimming with them? Do you have to be cognizant to where their ray is?

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