Morning hike into Hatiheiu

Baguettes cravings called, so it was time to hike back to Hatiheiu again. The round trip is about 3 hours: following switchbacks straight up to a ridge, then straight back down again into the next bay. As often is the case, the journey was the adventure.
We passed quite a few of the diminutive Marquesan horses… riders bring one, and lead another. They go over to Hatiheiu empty, and come back to Anaho loaded with provisions.
Critters on the hike to Hatiheiu
Max (Mulan) modeled a very cool crown woven from palm fronds, found hung on a stump along the path…
Max and the palm crown
It was a little unnerving to have a bull smack in the middle of the path.
Critters on the hike to Hatiheiu
At the other end, this is what passes for a supermarket:
Marquesan supermarket
Their stock isn’t extensive, but we gathered plenty of fruit as well. Andrew found the perfect tool, so we collected a few mangos from a tree between the bays: note PJ with the hat ready to catch.
collecting mangoes

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