Birthday Season

We recently had birthday season on Totem: all three of the children’s birthdays fall within a two-week span. It was been really fun to have lots of other kids boats around to share their special days.

Each child is granted provisional king/queen for a day status on their birthday . What will we eat? What will we do? It’s their call! All three have opted for games on the beach. This makes it seem an awful lot like every other day to us, but hey, it’s what they want.

We were on Tahuata for Mairen’s birthday, and spent the day playing in the surf. I think this pamplemousse from Mulan might actually have been one of her favorite presents…ask, and she’ll tell you: it was bigger than her head!
Happy birthday girl

Niall’s birthday became a feast of the pig roast leftovers plus potluck items to prime ourselves for his cake.
Niall's birthday party

What did Siobhan want? Dinghy driving lessons, a cake with a manta ray on top, and a bonfire on the beach. Since her birthday followed the fishing expedition on Oso Blanco, a bonfire was in the works to cook and share the tuna- serendipity! Stray Kitty prepared their goat from Ua Huka- BBQ sauce for the ribs, a delicious rosemary marinade for the leg…all was cooked over the hot coals to smoky perfection. Boats in the anchorage brought side dishes, and a feast was had under the starlight.
she wanted a manta ray on her cake
Siobhans birthday wish:

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  1. Those sound like perfect celebrations. Nice job on that manta ray cake! I love the shot of her driving the dink, so sweet. Zach will be 6 soon too, such a wonderful age. Happt Birth-days to YOU mama!

  2. Those sweet kids – and I can’t believe it has been 6 years since I witnessed Siobhan’s birth on Mother’s Day, I’ll never, ever, forget it! Love and hugs to you all.
    ps I am absolutely addicted to your blog posts – I can’t wait to read it.

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