We’re leaving today- Marquesas or bust!

Things have been a little crazy around the boat, as the dearth of blog posting surely shows. Imagine stocking your boat with nonperishables for ~6 months? Then as many perishables as you think you can consume before they go bad? Then the punchlist of making sure every system is cross checked, thoroughly going over our rig, finalizing our boat insurance, watching the weather when we can grab some time (Jamie has been up at 4am daily), and trying to still the butterflies.

provisioning chaos
Ty lands today. We’re casting off in the early evening, once the daily thermal sea breeze calms down … we hope to have the gentler evening land breezes ease us off the coast and on our way. Updates from here on out will be via radio. There won’t be any pictures for a while, so we leave you with a somewhat perturbed-looking five year old wondering where she gets to play among the havoc in the main cabin.

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  1. Lol! She does look a bit miffed…. 🙂
    Still have the butterfly net for those butterflies? Oh, wait – wrong kind of butterflies..
    We are all going to miss you guys! Give everyone a hug from all of us!

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