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Rendezvous in the big blue

24 hour run: 141 nautical milesDistance to go: lots. still not thinking about it.Conditions: broad reaching in 12 knots We're legging out our distance from land and are feeling very in touch with the vast expanse that is the Pacific. With nothing but water as far as we can see, it sometimes feels like we're […]

Getting away

First 24 hour distance traveled: 140 nautical milesDistance to go: 2800+ milesConditions: close reaching in mostly 12-15 knots, comfortable 8' swells Getting away can be the hardest part. It's the reason so many people dream of cruising, but never do it. It's just so easy to have a list of things that must be done, […]


We’re leaving today- Marquesas or bust!

Things have been a little crazy around the boat, as the dearth of blog posting surely shows. Imagine stocking your boat with nonperishables for ~6 months? Then as many perishables as you think you can consume before they go bad? Then the punchlist of making sure every system is cross checked, thoroughly going over our […]

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