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Day 12: blogs of other boats crossing

24 hour run: 109 (hello, DOLDRUMS! slowest day yet)Distance traveled since departing Mexico: 1636Distance to go to Hiva Oa: about 1300 We've crossed the axis of the ITCZ…for now. It's famous for shifting position. We may be unlucky enough to cross it a few more times, if it moves below and above our position. For […]

Day 11: passing the halfway mark

24 hour run: 121 miles…not one of our better days. This zone around the equator may be dogging us with light winds, but it's nearly making up for it with spectacular skies. In the afternoon, we tracked squalls on the radar and watched rain fall under blue skies. In the evening, Ty, Jamie and the […]

Day 10: getting into the ITCZ

24 hour run: 136 milesDistance covered since departing Mexico: 1406Distance to travel to Hiva Oa: about 1540 With high temperatures and 100% humidity, we hardly needed last night's squalls to remind us that we're getting near the equator. The periodic rainfall was a welcome fresh-water rinse for our decks, and break to the humidity. At […]

Day 9- troubleshooting the radio

24 hour run: 150 nautical milesDistance traveled since departing Mexico: 1268Distance to go to Hiva Oa: about 1700 We're still having some trouble with our radio. The single-sideband is a key safety tool and our essential communications link. We use it to get our weather updates, handle simple email, check in with daily radio "nets"…even […]

Day 8: water, water, everywhere

24 hour run: 143 nautical milesDistance traveled since departing Mexico: 1118Distance to go to Hiva Oa: about 1832 One thousand miles from anywhere, and surrounded by water. The color is spectacular and defies description. It's a deep sapphire, but manages to feel pale and bright at the same time. It reflects the incredible depth, over […]

Day 7: Oh no! Oh yes…

24 hour run: 147 nautical milesTotal distance traveled since Mexico: 975Distance to go to Hiva Oa: about 1975 Good news and bad news: let's start with the good. On the happy front, as of this afternoon we have covered 1/3 of the distance to Hiva Oa. It's very exciting to think we've come so far […]

Day 6: getting bounced around

24 hour run: 146 nautical milesTotal distance traveled since Mexico: 828Distance to go to Hiva Oa: about 2120 Brief note for the day: running downwind in the dark, in a seaway, can be bouncy and is generally incompatible with typing a blog post on the laptop. ————————————————Posted via radio: we have no internet access

Day 5: light air is heavy on gear

24 hour run: 156 nautical milesTotal distance traveled since Mexico: 682Distance to go to Hiva Oa: about 2270Conditions: light wind, but we're moving Last night was a little lumpy. We had the light wind combined with swells coming from more than one direction. Because the swells weren't consistent, and the breeze was too light to […]

Four days down, how many to go?

24 hour run: 120 nautical milesDistance to go: about 2400Conditions: light wind, but we're moving We've had really lovely conditions so far; light, but lovely. There's been enough wind to keep sailing most of the time, although the engine came on in the wee hours and ran into the morning today. We're keeping the RPMs […]

Day 3- finding our rhythm

24 hour run: 128 nautical milesDistance to go: almost ready to be out of denialConditions: ghosting along at 4-5 knots It's happening. With three full days behind us, we're finally hitting a comfortable rhythm. Jamie and I have gotten over the physical and emotional lows we started with on Thursday. The food and random gear […]

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