Day 8: water, water, everywhere

24 hour run: 143 nautical miles
Distance traveled since departing Mexico: 1118
Distance to go to Hiva Oa: about 1832

One thousand miles from anywhere, and surrounded by water. The color is spectacular and defies description. It's a deep sapphire, but manages to feel pale and bright at the same time. It reflects the incredible depth, over 15,000 feet where we are now, but is light and clear enough to show each spot on the sides of the dolphins that play in our bow wake.

Even in the more overcast days we've had lately, although the expanse around us may mirror the sky, a look at the swirls around and behind Totem never seem to change from crystal azure to flat gray.

At some point during the passage we hope to go for a swim. To date we've had too much wind and weather to even consider jumping off the transom, but the doldrums are coming.

There's an unofficial 10-minute limit for swimming in the open ocean. Jamie and I, having seen Jaws at an impressionable age, will probably be happy to stick with that informal rule! Our friend Scott, on s/v Whisper, made this passage with his family last year. He jumped over the side for a swim and a quick once-over on the boat's bottom while they were becalmed. Mindful of the 10-minute rule, he might have been a little jumpy- and practically leapt back into the cockpit when a remora went by. It's debatable who was more startled, man or fish!

Water is a precious resource on board. Last night, while using our reverse-osmosis gizmo to make water and fill our tanks, we inadvertently filled them with seawater. It was filtered and "clean" but not potable. Discovering we had contaminated both tanks this morning was very sobering. We do have emergency water on board, but we have a long way to travel as well. The tanks were drained, the watermaker successfully restarted, and we're at least 25 gallons down on our way to full tanks again.

Posted via radio: we have no internet access

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  1. That would be a real bummer to fine salt water in the fresh water tanks. So glad that it was nothing more than a mistake – not an equipment failure.
    That ten minute rule sounds good to me also 🙂

  2. Water management is on of those things I think about the most with a long passage. When you hit terra firma I would love to know more about how much you carry, how often you had to make water, how many gallons you went through a day/week what have you. How often you washed. etc.

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