Day 7: Oh no! Oh yes…

24 hour run: 147 nautical miles
Total distance traveled since Mexico: 975
Distance to go to Hiva Oa: about 1975

Good news and bad news: let's start with the good.

On the happy front, as of this afternoon we have covered 1/3 of the distance to Hiva Oa. It's very exciting to think we've come so far already! Time honestly seems to be flying. Niall and I were talking about it in the cockpit and agreed that it has been a wonderful passage so far. None of his fears of the unknown, of some uncomfortable interminable slog, have come to pass.

In the not-so-good news, we discovered the children have lice. Not just one of them, but all three. We knew they had been playing with kids who had lice in La Cruz, but we thought we'd gotten away unscathed… apparently not!

Although we have medical kits to handle everything from the common cold to minor surgery, there is nothing on board specifically for delousing…it's sad but funny because really, how else can you react to the situation but laugh? Anyway, it's our first time dealing with these vermin and I'm not finding my resource on board to be terribly helpful, as they reference getting a medicinal shampoo designed for the purpose from a physician or pharmacist. Right then, I'll just pop around the corner for a bottle… <insert maniacal laugh>

I spent about 5 hours picking nits today. I am not amused and can think of many other preferential activities, but did have some lovely conversations with the children. We made our discovery too late to wash sheets and pillowcases today but will tackle that in the morning. For now, Niall is getting a VERY short haircut, but we can't do that to the girls.

Posted via radio: we have no internet access

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  1. So sorry to hear it! It can be a real frustrating situation. Triply so I would guess where you are on the boat.
    You will likely be constantly working on it for a while.

  2. I’m so sorry. They can be such pests!! I know families that did not want to use the shampoos who used Vaseline on the scalp at night. But washing it out sucks! I know people who also try adding tea tree oil. Don’t know if any of it is worth it or not.

  3. If you have any Listerine on board I have read that washing with it will kill the lice. Then comb, comb, comb. I hope you find something that works.

  4. Well, this is a memory none of you will be forgetting! When we were cruising we used to dip our veggies in the salt water before bringing them on board so I thought I would google that. It seems that salt water will kill lice but will not remove nits so you have to comb, comb, comb after salt water washes. Good luck.

  5. Oh yuk! Tea tree oil works if you have any on board…it kills and repels them. Then comb the nits. Also if you have a spray bottle put some in with some fresh water and spray it in their hair every evening and on all their bed linens etc. I know that is no help if tea tree oil is not on the boat….the veggie oils sounds like a viable solution.


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