Day 3- finding our rhythm

24 hour run: 128 nautical miles
Distance to go: almost ready to be out of denial
Conditions: ghosting along at 4-5 knots

It's happening. With three full days behind us, we're finally hitting a comfortable rhythm. Jamie and I have gotten over the physical and emotional lows we started with on Thursday. The food and random gear that was strewn about last week is mostly put away. The kids are over their early malaise and happily occupied by various games, books and imaginary play.

We're actually feeling pretty rested. One of my big concerns about the passage was sleep deprivation- it can tip the mindset from marginal to miserable. There's no question that the 3-person watch rotation makes a huge difference: we're able to keep up with sleep, enjoy our days, have meals together instead of solo.

Starting our fourth day out, we're crossing into new territory as a family-this is longer than we've all been out together before. Looking over at the children playing across the main cabin, it is a great relief to put my prior fear of the unknown aside. They're doing better than I ever expected!

Our appetites are all 100% now. We are still trying to eat our way through the gorgeous yellowfin from Escapade. The six of us have made four meals from it already and there's enough left for at least two or three more! Meanwhile, keeping our lines out of the water isn't helping us win the fishing derby. We have an informal derby going with other boats we know- the boat with the smallest fish will be hosting dinner for everyone in the Marquesas. Reports of 5' marlin (Oso Blanco) and 200 lb tuna (Io) are rolling in.

Maybe if we don't catch anything, we can't lose?

Posted via radio: we have no internet access

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  1. We are counting on you to catch at least the most unique fish!
    That Tuna sounds fabulous!
    And Wow! – A 200lb Tuna? I hope they have a good freezer or a way to make lots of Tuna jerky! 🙂

  2. Just glad to hear all is rolling along smoothly and everyone is healthy, happy and rested. We are thinking of you!!! Tanque de Tiburon/Bill and Linda

  3. Behan and family – I know next to absolutely nothing about sailing, but I’m anxiously reading about your journey and am so excited for you all. Just know that you are loved, and missed, on shore.

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