Salsa, salsa, or salsa?

We’re preparing ourselves and Totem for our biggest journey together yet, the passage from Mexico to French Polynesia. Over the last few months, we’ve felt a little smug about our general state of preparation: no question about it, Totem is ready to cross an ocean. This may help explain the karmic whiplash which has put sucked us into a range of suddenly urgent, last minute projects…
…like which salsa to choose.
We have heard over and over from fellow cruisers that if there’s something we want to have while we’re in the South Pacific, we should bring it with us. While I am sure that fresh baguettes with New Zealand butter will quickly become a Totem favorite, it’s hard to imagine giving up our Mexican routine for salsa with, well, just about everything. Fresh tomatoes will be unavailable or a king’s ransom, so we’re stocking up on these instead, and if we’re going to have a case on board… we better like it!
Besides, what better way to formally evaluate the local salsa brands than a blind taste test over sundowners with our fellow cruisers?
Discussing salsa merits over a margarita was delightful. Comparing fruit cocktail during a bouncy ride across Banderas bay was not. There’s just something not right about eating canned fruit. It’s right up there on the scale of personal appeal with canned peas or asparagus. Ick. But again…there will be times, we are told, when we will be very happy to have depth in our provisions and not need to rely on what we can find upon our arrival. On the other hand: it’s very difficult to imagine consuming or enjoying something which simply has not been a part of our diet before.
We don’t know exactly when we’ll depart on our crossing…watch this space for updates!

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  1. You crack me up! We had a long running joke about canned asparagus while we were cruising Cuba. It was something even the neediest of Cubans proudly said “no gracias” to, and then offered up fresh lobster b/c surely we were hard up gringos if we were carrying THAT crud around.
    I am SOsoSO excited for your crossing adventure!!

  2. So which salsa won? The Del Monte Salsa Taquera in a box is really good too!
    I still have canned fruit on board from pre-Mexico provisioning. Opened a can the other night – ick. It’s not even fruit. I must have thought I was going to bake something with it.

  3. Lol! I was wondering at the canned fruit cocktail! Rather unappetizing at best – unless you have not had any fresh fruit for a couple of weeks. Then I think it might go over pretty well. The salsa on the other hand might be something altogether different!

  4. La Costena was the crowd favorite- a pretty clear winner. Herdez was too thin, and the tetra pack salsa had an odd aftertaste. The salsa verde test was a 3-way tie, so we’ll go with the tetra pack (no BPA and easier stowage).

  5. You know the only canned fruit we routinely -can- consume is peaches. I saute them in butter with cinnamon until the juice caramelizes. Then you slop them on to fresh baked scones. Yum.

    There is no salsa in New Zealand. I swear the guy doing the taco shell advert on the tele had an Italian accent, not a Mexican one. And there is no cilantro here. Period. However, the cheese is overwhelmingly good and cheep cheep cheap.

  6. We were recently eating a can of the Herdez here on Vancouver Island. It’s a small world. Great salsa isn’t the easiest thing to find in BC. I miss Colorado for that reason a bit!

  7. Add a can of chipotle too and we can concoct some delicious chicken when we see you in the Marquesas! When do you think you’ll head out?

  8. I can’t wait to hear of your departure. I’m totally jealous. Thanks for all the support and inspiration. Now I just need you to send me decent salsa . . .

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