Snapshot from the life

A couple of nights ago, we were treated to another lovely sunset… I remembered to get the camera out on time. Niall and Mairen were soaking it up from the bow.

Irresistible sunset

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  1. what a gorgeous photo. We’re getting ready to leave Panama City tomorrow and are so looking forward to seeing you along the way. Keep up the insightful writing! Ruth on Kamaya

  2. Hi Behan,
    We had a terrific lunch at Noemi’s today.

    She’s great. She was talking about Ishmael, but I couldn’t really understand what she said….

  3. Love that picture!
    In the shameless exploitation department, I’m using this to tell my wife “Look! This could be our life, too!”
    She says “yes”, but we still don’t own a boat…..
    As Grandma says, “it’s the steady drip that wears away the stone”…..
    Still dripping.

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