Don’t hate me for this…

Don’t hate me for this, but I often forget what day of the week it is.

This would NEVER have happened before we went cruising, but I’ve been involved “what day is it?” debates that lasted far longer than they ought. We’re not even trying to tackle the actual question of ‘date’, just… Tuesday? Saturday?

Some people have rituals for remembering. If church is a priority, Sundays stand out. If, like me, you volunteer as a net controller for one of the radio nets every week- hopefully you remember when it’s your “net day.” (I had a clean record until last Monday, but that had more to do with sailing through the night and oversleeping than forgetting the day!). We have friends, former cruisers, who made gin fizzes for brunch every Sunday to welcome (and remember) the new week.

Then there’s the Tenacatita ritual of the Friday afternoon raftup. Cruisers anchored there gather in their dinghies in the most protected corner of the bay, inside a little hook. It’s a meet & greet: the “mayor” (every season, a cruiser is elected as mayor of the Bay. yes, it’s true) welcomes everyone as they arrive, and introductions are made to the group to introduce your boat, your crew, and include some detail of your background (last week’s question: how did you choose your boat name?). It’s a potluck: everyone brings finger food to pass. It’s a trading event: got a book your finished with and need a new read? swap for it here.

And, of course, it’s a way to remember it’s Friday. Here are a few pictures I snapped last week. Disclaimers: bad light angles, trying to juggle grog, yada yada.

Friday raft-up
An attempt at capturing the collected group.

Friday raft-up
Lounging between dinghies: that’s s/v Third Day crew in the blue-covered dink, bridged by Ethan (s/v Eyoni) and my sweetie in the obnoxious Aloha shirt.

Friday raft-up
The mighty Quinn of s/v Isis, and his awesome mandolin-ticklin daddy Burke. Cool mama Casey isn’t in the frame.

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  1. This looks like a great tradition! A lot of fun too! 🙂
    Forget what day of the week?
    I won’t even mention how many times I forget I was net control because I didn’t know what day of the week it was…
    I guess that being self employed can be somewhat similar in that respect – doesn’t really matter what day of the week it is. 🙂

  2. Love the camaraderie! Days of the week don’t really matter to me at all. Nor does the time of day – can’t remember how many years now I haven’t been wearing a watch.

  3. I always liked not knowing the time or day. Sadly this time round I have regular deadlines and the, ‘I didn’t know what day it was’ excuse probably won’t fly…
    Keep meaning to walk down the dock and say hi:) We’re on 11. Also love you mention Jim and Diana’s Gin Fizz brunches, we went to one of those many eons ago and were just talking about it when we saw Jim and his pipe go by.

  4. As we get ready to do this cruising thing, we feel like we’re the only ones setting off and making preparations. Its really amazing to me to see how many others are actually doing this right now! That is sooooo motivating/inspiring/ and somewhat calming. I mean if you all can do it, so can we right? Any words of wisdom on choosing a dinghy?

  5. I never know what day it is and I am not even cruising at the moment. I’ll be completely lost once we’re on the go again 😉
    I think it’s a good sign that you have the right frame of mind. Right on!

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