What on earth do the kids do? Version 42.

Mostly, they have a lot of fun, making the most of their environment.

After a morning in Chamela that involved a little too much excitement (Capaz discovered their anchor had wrapped around a sunken panga, and had to untangle it by hand- freediving in 30′ of water), Jamie brought the kids from around the anchorage (Capaz, Evergreen & Liberty) for some fun swinging out over the water with a line tied to our spinnaker pole.

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A few days later, down in Tenacatita, we took ourselves on a “jungle tour”: cruising with our dinghies up the river behind the inner bay, winding through mangroves into an open lagoon, feeling for all the world that we had stepped into the heart of darkness.

into the heart of darkness

into the heart of darkness

There were a pile of other kid boats in the anchorage. Cue the beach party! In addition to our swabbies, the junior crews from Ohana, Oso Blanco, Sabbatical, Evergreen, and Capaz had a day of boogie boarding, sand castle building, and other water games.

kids dont' like cruising. much.

In the outer bay, nicknamed “the aquarium”, we had a great afternoon of family snorkeling. Everything finally connected for Mairen, who was so excited about all the colorful fish she could barely contain herself. There are few things more entertaining than listening to a child squeal with delight through a snorkel. I didn’t get any pictures of her, but when PJ and I swam back to the boats later, I did see a stunning eagle ray come ghosting past, making it look effortless to fly through the water.

Eagle ray

Amid the excitement, there’s always some quiet time too.


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  1. That shot of the ray is stunning! This all makes me smile, good stuff. I remember winding through the mangroves in Cuba feeling the same way. Enjoy!

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