We’ve longed for friends & family to visit, to share the beauty of Mexico and a peek into our nomadic life. Our wishes were answered in a big way this past week!

First were our old neighbors from Bainbridge Island. Although Jocelyn and I are SURE we were on a soccer field in Jakarta together in 1988, I first met her and her husband Willie when their oldest son, Theo, and our daughter Mairen were both just a few months old. We’ve built wonderful memories as our children have grown. Their visit was a tease, really. The days flew by far too quickly, and I feel like we just scratched the surface of the things we wanted to talk about, but it was a gift. A beautiful gift, of themselves and their time to haul down here en famille. I wanted every moment to be perfect, so they won’t have an iota of regret for the many other things they could have been doing. Silly to worry, but I can’t help it. As fast as it all seemed to go, when I look at the pictures of this past week, we sure crammed in an incredible amount of living. In hindsight, if I could have changed anything, I think I just might have hugged them all a little more. Oh, and skipped the 2nd margarita that certain night (what did the restaurant put in that thing, anyway?!).

Joc & Willie
Joc & Willie

sunset from the Brent's condo
Sunset in Punta de Mita

making a current
The kids “making current” in the hot tub

celebrating hannukah
Celebrating Hanukkah

Because in life it seems that it pours instead of raining sometimes, we also had the gift of Siobhan’s much-loved preschool teacher Nita and her husband Ty here at their condo at the same time. I wish there could have been more days in the week! We had a picture-perfect daysail with them, full of humpback whales and bait balls of fish. We all had such a good time together, that we’re hoping Ty will come with us across the Pacific next spring. We have won the crew lottery if he can do it- Ty is a ferry captain with a senior maritime license- not to mention- all the EMT training that comes with being on ski patrol. Most important? He’s a fun guy, and we had a terrific time together on the Bay.


Nita reads to Siobhan
Nita reads with Siobhan

Ty, future Totem crew (we hope!)

In February, our cruising mentors and dear friends Jim & Diana Jessie will come to Mexico, and we’re hoping the Crew of the s/v Seven Cs will head south for some sun here in March. Meanwhile, there’s a pilot berth for the kids’ occasional sleepovers…or escapees from the northern latitudes.

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  1. Sign me up, this snow STINKS! We have friends headed your way as well by boat. Look for Ceilydh later this winter, a Canadian catamaran. Enjoy your holidays and visitors!

  2. We are trying to get it all together (airfare, room etc) to get down there! It is looking good so far 🙂
    I am sure that we will be able to make it! (Boy – airfare is expensive for seven people!!!)

    If you don’t have the link, here is the URL of Ceilydh that Boatbaby mentioned:
    They were already south of us when we saw their blog.

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