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Years ago, before grad school and babies and big jobs and houses, Jamie and I moved to Seattle. New town for me, new coast for him. The first friends we made there were Brad & PJ Baker.

Last week, we were reunited with Brad, PJ, and their boys in Mexico. They left Seattle in August on Capaz and sailed down the coast and around the tip of Baja. It still feels surreal to have our dear friends so close by, but when I popped up in the cockpit the morning after arrival, the proof was still there:

Capaz at sunrise

Capaz, anchored to port of Totem.

What’s really remarkable to me is that we have been talking on and off about cruising together for most of the last 15 years. So many people plan and dream like we did, but never manage to bring that dream to reality. Life gets in the way and unexpected things happen.

Ten years ago when our eldest children were babies, we had dinner one night at our old house in Seattle with the Bakers and another couple- Scott & Mary Malone. We made a pact that night to meet in Tahiti in 2010. It’s really incredible to me that we are actually doing it! OK, so Scott & Mary got to Tahiti this year (no comments about these overachievers, who we can’t wait to meet up with in New Zealand or the South Pacific next year), but truly- this flies in the face of cruising dream statistics. I’m proud of us… and immensely grateful to be living this wonderful life.

I’ll leave you with a panorama of the anchorage we picked to roundezvous with Capaz before doing the crazy re-entry to civilization in La Paz…. might need to click through for the full image.

Caleta Partida panorama

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  1. behan, i know i haven’t seen you in years but reading this post made me feel so proud of you. congratulations on dreaming of doing something and then actually following through. it’s really rare. and those photos. wow. so beautiful.

  2. That is just too cool! Fifteen years in the planning and finally it all comes together! that truly is an accomplishment to be proud of!
    Great job you guys!

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