Like a fish, he is!

our resident fish
We’ve had some amazing snorkeling days recently. Up in the Sea of Cortez, where there’s warm water left from the summer heat and an abundance of beautiful fish.

The amazing thing is that when we left to go cruising last year, Niall couldn’t swim. His first big milestone was last Halloween, at our friend Betsy’s backyard pool in Malibu. He swam with delight from one side of the small pool to the other. A huge step for the kid who we finally pulled from swimming lessons because he was all about playing where he could touch the bottom, and not at all interested in anything that involved stepping over depth.

Now, he’s all about being in the water. His professed desire is to be an Icthyologist. He already has an encyclopedic knowledge of fish (right down to referencing scientists in the field in his conversation). It certainly makes him the ideal snorkeling buddy- if there is anything I don’t recognize (and there always is), Niall knows what it is. And if he doesn’t, he finds out when we get back to the boat and can spread out his books.

It’s almost hard to believe it’s really been just a year. I see him now and think about how he’s grown, and as a parent I want to pop! He’s reveling in his new skills and knowledge, too.

I’m posting a picture of him below, along with a few of his favorite underwater pictures. He’s inseparable from the underwater camera we picked up this summer, but that’s fine by us.
King Angelfish
Swimming through a school of King Angelfish

excellent eating, this one!
This one is delicious, too

find the poisonous fish
Creepy, camouflaged stonefish

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  1. It has been absolutely wonderful to watch him grow and mature! It is just amazing how quickly they grasp the knowledge of something they love. To see his thirst for knowledge is amazing 🙂
    It is wonderful to see the girls growing right along side of him too! 🙂

  2. Oh Behan, there are so many more changes you will see in the kids. Cruising life is great for children, they grow in so many wonderful ways! Happy sailing!

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