Fiesta, baby!

It’s a celebration just to have our good friends finally here with us in Mexico, but just days after their arrival we had PJs birthday to add to the festivities.

Brad lured us to the beach across from La Paz to help PJ ring in her 40th with a bonfire, s’mores for the kids and margaritas for the rest of us. This lady KNOWS how to celebrate! Jamie got the kids out to the beach ahead of time, and made a “card” in the sand with shells and other beachcombing treasures:

PJs birthday!

It’s fun to share milestone birthdays with good friends, but despite the distance from home in Seattle, there were plenty of familiar faces around. Capaz crew had made a number of friends on their way south, both coming down the US west coast and on the Baja Ha-ha rally from San Diego to Cabo. We even had four boats from the Seattle Yacht Club- new friends and old!

We’re looking forward to many happy memories with them as we share the miles from here down Mexico’s coast and across the Pacific.

PJs birthday!