Favorite memories from fall in the Sea

A friend of ours said recently, sometimes it’s better to just shut up and show the pictures. I can’t argue! Herewith, some of our favorite memories captured since returning to Mexico, sailing in Sea of Cortez.

Fishing at Isla Carmen
Jamie and the kids, fishing from the dinghy at sunset- Isla Carmen

San Juanico
Hiking the hills behind the San Juanico anchorage, on the trail of Apache Tears

Chuyita's hot dog cart
Waiting for bacon-wrapped (oh yes) hot dogs at Chuyita’s cart in Santa Rosalia

Mairen, Skylar, and a full moon
Making friends: Mairen and Skylar, from s/v Ocean Blue

Puerto Don Juan
Raw beauty in the northern Sea

Dolphins! they never get old...
Dolphins playing next to Totem

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