Can you help with Jimena relief?

Our return to San Carlos has hammered home the images we viewed the Internet of devasation from Hurricane Jimena. Sadly, mass media in the US abandoned stories of the impending disaster before it even struck, so word has not gotten out the way should to help bring in relief.

Please consider donating goods or funds to assist in emergency relief effort. S/V SolMate has a fairly complete listing on needs and on places to give. It is simplest to donate to one of these organizations. For people in the Southwest, there are a number of places taking donations of physical goods: an active expat-oriented forum on San Carlos has also regularly updated resources for giving, especially useful for those in Arizona- local drop points from Tucson to Flagstaff where goods from blankets to food can be delivered.

This has been a terrible crisis for the communities hit on Baja and the mainland- please consider giving what you can. We have heard reports of upwards of 35,000 homeless on Baja. For a visual of hte impact, search for ‘huracan jimena’ on YouTube.