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It is GOOD to be back

It is GOOD to be backOriginally uploaded by behang It is so good to be back at home on board Totem! Jamie and I stopped in Hermosillo to grab a quick bite on our dash back to Phoenix in a rental car to pick up the children and our things at my Aunt Glenna’s home. […]

Can you help with Jimena relief?

Our return to San Carlos has hammered home the images we viewed the Internet of devasation from Hurricane Jimena. Sadly, mass media in the US abandoned stories of the impending disaster before it even struck, so word has not gotten out the way should to help bring in relief. Please consider donating goods or funds […]


Going home

We’ve been in the states for nearly three months now, road tripping our way though some beautiful landscapes and great visits with friends and family. Our time north of the border has brought new appreciation for the cruising life, and helped the differences in our lifestyle this past year into focus. We’re ruminating on those […]

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