Racing again!

Scenes from the Regatta
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Jamie has a long history of racing sailboats- and it factors big in our personal history (we met racing on a J-35, 20+ years ago). So it was with great delight that we accepted the request of our friends on s/v Kenta Anae to crew with them for the Banderas Bay Regatta.

On Kenta Anae, we liked to think of ourselves as the counterculture entry. A 25-year-old cruising sailboat, put in the same class as the flashy new (and racy) boats. Our competitors in the regatta were not sailing their homes. No, these were people who wore matching shirts. People who had enough crew to line the windward rail in their color-coordinated glory.

The five of us- Jamie and I, Allison & Merle of Kenta Anae, and Jan Meermans (borrowed from Capriccio), sailed together for the first time on race day one. We sailed better as a team each successive day. A turning point for our performance, though, came when we nailed the start on day 2. Oh, the exhilaration! Latitude 38 seemed to like it as well, and put the picture of us leading the class after the start (while we could- let’s face it, there were bigger and faster boats in the fleet) in their electronic newsletter. That felt pretty darn good.

Jamie and Merle only sacrificed their bodies a few times. Allison helmed her home with nerves of steel and utter grace. Jan worked the main like nobody has worked it before. I made killer sandwiches.
Scenes from the Regatta

The children all joined us on Day 3. Somewhat predictably, ours decided it was more fun to hang out down below- where they could slide from the high side of the cabin to the low slide, on lifejacket skids- than to be on deck. There are rumors they did manage to moon a competitor before going below.

We retired with a well-earned 4th in our class to happy celebrations of sushi and music, rejuvenated from the action and intensity. I predict Jamie mooning further over the state of our blown out main and dreaming about entering Totem in future races.
Scenes from the Regatta

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  1. The food looks wonderful!
    Nothing like racing your home… we did it on our old boat. Ick. Thought I was going to have a heart attack at the start and rounding one particular mark. I’m sure you noticed our boat just sat at the dock during this year’s regatta? Ha ha ha. My decision.

  2. To all the Totem Crew:

    Congratulation on your race results! We look forward to seeing you in La Paz again!


  3. Sounds like loads of fun. I miss racing. Hey, I’ll be at our casa on the beach, arriving May 13th for 9 days with my sister. Just the 2 of us. If you are still in the area, I’d love to see you and especially the kids!!! plz e-mail me a

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