we love SPOT.

we love SPOT
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This nifty little device just made it a whole lot easier to share our location. We set it up just before leaving San Diego, after a friend up in the Northwest sent a unit for us (thank you, Marv!). I first leaned about SPOT following Capt Rodriguez on BitterEnd, and really fell for them after following another friend’s path during his Alaskan journey last summer.

I added a note to the top of sidebar to the blog recently- see top right- that links to the page.

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  1. okay, so I really don’t have a comment about spot except that it seems cool and has been added to my list of things to do. Gate 11 is not the same without you guys. the varnish is on – didn’t quite get it on before the rain, but after a couple stops and starts and one hecka long week – we are finished and on to the next projects. we are all well, glad to here you all are as well. give each other a big hug for us.
    love carol et al

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