Day by day

Day by day
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We’re in a comfortable berth in San Diego, enjoying the warm hospitality of a reciprocal club- Southwestern Yacht Club- on Shelter Island. The kindness that has been shown to us is humbling. Sure, there was the friendly face at the dock to help us land- but the rides to Costco for bulk provisioning? The touring through San Diego? Taking Jamie to his idea of sailor’s nirvana, a perfectly organized and deeply stocked chandlery? It would be easy to stay longer!

We do want to keep moving south, though, and anticipate crossing the border in a week or so. Meanwhile, projects are underway- those related to safety which simply won’t be put off. Coming over from Catalina, Jamie discovered a cracked weld in our boom- that needs to be addressed here and now. And, the luff tape on the jib must be replaced- if we had to get it down in a hurry, even in benign conditions, we’d be very hard pressed. We’re also acquiring spares and parts for other projects- those we know, and those that will surely occur- down the road: water pressure pump, gallons of motor oil, expoxy and hardner, fiberglass strips.

Our days are not counted in many ways- we routinely forget which day of the week it is- but we mark each one in another way. A growing strand of beads counts them one by one. Each bead is a color (not terribly easy to see in my dim picture- sorry folks) that represents something about what we’re doing: were we underway? did we anchor or were we at a dock? It’s punctuated by a charm of the Golden Gate bridge, set to mark that day we sailed out under it with the children in October. I have a stash of charms to add in the future to mark everything from the holidays to sea turtles. This was shared by our friends on the TOTEM sistership, s/v Windarra- looking at the long strand from their journey across and around the Pacific was an inspiration!

For those who have wondered, we do have a bit of a plan. We hesitate to use the “P” word, because things change frequently and we rarely do what we say, when we say. With that disclaimer, the chart below tracks where we anticipate being, in very broad strokes, for about the next 18 months.

Should your path possibly cross ours, please reach out! We can occasionally Actually Plan, too…we look forward to Christmas in Mazatlan with one of my oldest and dearest friends Christy Buckman and her family; we’ll be spending time in late January into February in Puerto Vallarta with our dear friends and cruising mentors, Jim & Diana Jessie. So it can be done, although we’ll always tell you- the crew of s/v Totem is better at Intentions than Plans.

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  1. I truly hope that we can meet up with you someday. It would be wonderful to be able to learn from you more about what we want to do in the future.

  2. wow B, it’s all happening. so happy you are finding the time to post! we LOVE your bead idea…so neat.

    super sad we will miss you in mexico. looks like we’ll need to meet up in another far off locale.


  3. behan – inspiring and following along. hard to imagine here how your days are busy, but i know they are. glad all is safe and well and we’re bumbed that you’re in PV a week after us.

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