Hiccups on the road to salty dogdom

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Our transition to living on board has been much smoother than either Jamie or I anticipated. It would have been so easy, we thought, for one of the kids to have some objection to the dramatic shift in living space and neighborhood. Our house is on a great little street, where they have many friends their age, can run to the playground just a few houses away, bike on the street, or explore the adjacent woods. The marina has occupied them in an entirely different fashion (see previous post)…that has surely helped.

But…no TV? No problem.
No woods? Whatever, we’ve got beach now.
No passel of neighborhood kids? So far, so good…they play really well together, and we’ve continued sleepovers and play time in the old ‘hood.

The biggest challenge, it turns out, is bathtime. It was not something we even considered, although it makes sense in hindsight. When our home was the house- it was always “tub time” for bathing the girls (Niall shifted to showering only by age 8). Now, it’s all showers, all the time. There are no bathtubs on a boat…at least not one our size! Right now, truth be told, there are no showers either…both heads being somewhat under construction.

In the evening, we trundle up to the marina bathhouse. As marina facilities go, it’s lovely! It’s very clean, with two sizeable full bathrooms that allow room for the group of us to shuttle kids through and lose the low-tide muck from…well, somehow it gets everywhere! But…it’s a shower. A very tall one at that!

After two utterly miserable attempts, with screaming and flailing from the girls…we seriously considered a dunking in the Sound (water temp: 60 degrees) followed by a hose down. But that might not leave them much cleaner. Current solution: bucket baths. Requisitioning one of the crab buckets into shower service, we can fill and douse in a style that reminds me a lot of the old mandi in Indonesia. They even think it’s fun…bathtime is more like laughtime now, full of squeals and giggles.

In the scheme of things, it’s so minor. Watching Seattle fireworks from the cockpit last weekend, we marveled at how little it’s interrupted the rhythm of life in our little family.

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  1. Baths were the thing I missed most when I lived aboard, and I’m still taking too many now to make up for my years of marina showers…Hurrah for re-purposed crab buckets!

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