Finally living aboard

Jamie bringing Totem into Eagle Harbor
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What does it take to get moved onto the boat? By a few of the numbers:

4 dumpster runs
3 vanloads to the Children’s Hospital thrift shop
2 vanloads to Goodwill
1 vanload to the Grace rummage sale
a massive garage sale
at least 200 cups of coffee

As of May 31, we were finally moved OUT of our house and onto Totem. We met this major milestone with a logical follow up: collapsing in exhaustion! At least- that’s what Jamie and I did. The children, on the other hand, were running around like crazy things- popping from one cabin to the next, finding arranging and rearranging stuffed animals, laughing and animated. Jamie and I sat near-numbly in the main salon, marveling that it had finally happened. All I could say was “I’m so happy. I’m just so happy!”

Getting out of the house took far, FAR more work than either of us imagined. You would think, having been around several friends going through very similar downsize / move aboard transitions in the last year, that we’d know exactly what to expect- somehow, you just have to live it!

Updates here hopefully will be a little more regular soon…meanwhile, gratuitious shot of the boat coming into Eagle Harbor a few weeks back, with all her shiny new rigging.