Sometimes it feels like one step forward, two steps back. Totem is not habitable right now…couldn’t even go for a sail. She’s floating in Eagle Harbor, but the mast is up in Port Townsend. The main salon settees are mostly ripped out. The bunk cabin is an empty shell- no bunks, no sole. All three water tanks are removed, as are two of the three diesel tanks. It’s hard to pick your way from the companionway either fore or aft, so many pieces of the interior are removed from their original homes and clog the passageways. What’s happening?! This, my friend, is PROGRESS.

Didn’t we buy a seaworthy boat? Yes. Hadn’t it recently crossed the Pacific, and come up the rugged US West coast? Yes. Didn’t we spend many, many days/nights living on her this past summer? Yes. So why all the construction?

Port side view of salon this summer… and today.

Most of this is necessary. Planning to move aboard this spring fast-forwards projects that wouldn’t have been necessary for months or years. But with living aboard in our near term reality, these projects become essential.

We are reconfiguring the main salon- moving the port settee outboard, adding a bench, moving the table- so we can sit comfortably around the space that will be Family Central for meals, homework, you name it. That change made it easier to reconfigure tankage…something the size and condition of our tanks already begged us to do. And the rig? Well, we wouldn’t have worried about it if we expected to be scooting around Puget Sound for the next decade. But knowing offshore sailing is coming- there was no question about what needed to be done.

Bunk Cabin… today, and summer 2007

Meanwhile, we’re working on shedding things from our house. I’ve started to talk to consignment stores about some of our antique furniture. The local Freecycle network and CraigsList are getting everything from flower pots to strollers from us. It’s going to take months to downsize to the point we don’t have to drive vanloads to the dump, something we strongly hope to avoid but feels almost inevitable. How do you go from 2800+ square feet to the approximate equivalent of 500 (with some funky curvy parts)? Slowly, deliberately, resolutely.

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