Making Progress: Getting a Hard Dodger

We’re working through a myriad of projects to get Totem ready to be our floating family home. The boat is currently up in Vancouver Island, Canada, getting a hard dodger installed by the great team of Jacques and Bea at Tartarooga. Jamie and I took the boat up in on a mild weekend in mid-October, expecting to return after a few weeks to bring her home. It was a great trip, although we didn’t do much sailing. This picture was taken in the middle of the “Straits of Juan de Puke-ya”, which was oily calm and thick with fog. No swells to mess with equilibrium but no visibility to give us an easy drive up!

One lucky fallout from the extended stay in Canada is that their colder weather meant frosty mornings, which opened up cracks in the rigging we’d missed without a microscope in our prior checks. Nothing too serious, yet, but we’ll be stopping at Port Townsend when we bring the boat back to have Brion Toss Riggers do a thorough check and probably some replace most of it….among other things. The list Jamie prepared for them is dizzying!

When we were in Sidney, we got a nice picture of the boat in the marina. Nice except for the big powerboat immediately across the dock. One of my Flickr friends grabbed it, cleaned it up, and- voila! No more powerboat! I love this picture…

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