Bringing the boat home

Although we told our selves “we’re open to anything”, the truth was that Jamie and I had been hooked on the Stevens/Hylas 47 since stepping on s/v Windarra in early 2006. This boat was the perfect combination of proven bluewater cruising reputation and a layout to fit our family. There were almost 80 of the Stevens version built, and we were able to find a few for sale- it was the third one we gave a hard look at when, and everything finally lined up.

After some false starts (needing the magic combination of weather window, boat readiness, adn crew availability) Jamie sailed the boat north with two other guys in the first week of June. I had him carry a satellite phone so we could check in on a position daily, and plotted him up the coast. It was hard to have him out there and really put in perspective for me some of the anxiety my parents have about our plans.

Now the work begins! Although the boat is certainly seaworthy, there are a ton of changes we want to make- some for improved safety, some for improved comfort, others just to make it feel like home. The net result though is that we aren’t doing much sailing yet…our free time is mostly spent in the marina, keeping kids busy with fishing poles or kayak while we work on Boat Improvement Projects.

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  1. So??? I want to hear more!
    We (and our 2 girls) are just this week buying our cruising boat after 3 years of a tiny weekender and are making 5 year plans for the outfitting and transition. I’d love to read more about your experiences with sailing with children and “intending” toward cruising.

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